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ADL Online Help - Set Program Options :

Set Advanced Desktop Locker (ADL) General, Alert, Log And Password Options

  • ADL General Options:

    ADL General Options

    1. To password protect Options dialog, check 'Password protect option dialog'.

    2. To show unlock dialog when desktop clicked, select 'Clicked' radio button.

    3. To show unlock dialog when desktop double clicked, select 'Double Clicked' radio button.

    4. If you check 'Must press (CTRL) key' check box, the unlock dialog will display only if CTRL key pressed and desktop clicked/double clicked.

  • ADL Alert Options:

    ADL Alert Options

    1. To set unlock dialog title, type new title on the 'Alert Caption' textbox.

    2. To set unlock dialog message, type your new message on the 'Alert Text' textbox.

  • ADL Log Options:

    ADL Log Options

    1. To view desktop clicks/invalid password log, click the 'View Log' button.

    2. To clear saved log information, click the 'Clear Log' button.

    3. To show log information on unlock dialog, check the 'Show log data on unlock dialog' check box.

  • Change Master Password:

    ADL Change Password

    1. To change your ADL master password, from the main dialog, click the change password icon.

      ADL Password Dialog

    2. From the 'Change Password' dialog, type your old password, then type and confirm your new password.

    3. Click 'OK' button to apply new master password for the program.

  • Hide ADL Main Dialog:

    1. Right click the ADL tray icon, select 'Hide' command.

    2. To show main dialog, right click the ADL tray icon, select 'Show' command.

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