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Tala Web Email Extractor

Tala Web Email Extractor Makes Effective Online Marketing Campaigns

Increasing your sales and attracting more traffic to your business is the most important thing to do as this is the only way to make clients. For this some specific tool is required and that is the Tala Web Email Extractor (TWEE) software.

TWEE makes it easy for you to extract all the email addresses from the sites. Enter your own keyword or select it, TWEE can help you search and extract all the email addresses you want.

TWEE enables the users to search according to the keyword, language or country. Nevertheless, this means that the search you do is basically related to the keywords you use.

You can also filter your emails with TWEE as it helps in discarding the invalid or replicated email addresses found. Even if your PC reboots the “auto save” option is present, which can be used by the user so that they don’t lose their information. The result is exported to text files.

Tons of email addresses can be extracted with TWEE by entering the right keyword. Within a matter of clicks, you can easily learn how to use TWEE.


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Key Features

Tala Web Email Extractor (TWEE) Main Features :

- Quick and prompt.

- Emails can be extracted by entering the language or country.

- Also, they can extract with the help of the right keyword.

- TWEE makes sure you are targeting the right people.

- Auto Save function helps secure data .

- The filter can be used to discard unnecessary data or emails.

- Results can be exported to text, CSV and Excel files.

- Easily customizable.

- Results can be sent to any Bulk Mailer.

- Easy to use interface.


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TWEE Testimonials :


Your twee program is very easy to use, i just enter my keywords and click search button then i get thousands of emails addresses related to my keyword, it is fantastic. thank you.



After much research about effective product for extracting targeted emails from the web, I have discovered TWEE that capable of accomplishing what I require. this is great software.


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TWEE Screen Shots

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Why should you purchase and register Tala Web Email Extractor (TWEE) ?

Registered users can enjoy following benefits, which are not available for trial users:

- Save extracted emails addresses.

- Auto-Save Feature.

- Free unlimted technical support.

- Free bug fixes.

- No monthly activation.

- Trial version limitation removed.


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Tala Web Email Extractor - TWEE