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Millions Email Generator (MEG) Info

Generate Unlimited Email Addresses in Minutes (Up to 2 Billions) for Powerful Email Marketing & Advertising Campaigns With Millions Email Generator (MEG)

Million Email Generator used to generate unlimited email addresses in minutes to bulid a consumer mailing list for e-mail marketing and advertising campaigns. You just need to select an email template and click generate to start generation process. You can export results to text file or csv file, you can verify email addresses, you can extract email addresses from external files such as .txt,.xml files.MEG contains Email Templates (Based on most common first names (male,female) ,last names,...) enables you to generate millions emails addresses from well known e-mail servers, such as yahoo,hotmail,aol.


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Key Features

Millions Email Generator (MEG) Main Features :

- Generate several millions (up to 2 Billions) of email addresses in minutes.

- Extract emails from files.

- Any possible email address can be generated.

- It is very fast.

- Easily exports results to text or CSV files.

- Verify email addresses with validator feature.

- Generate unlimited emails from well known e-mail servers.

- Friendly interface.

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Millions Email Generator (MEG) Testimonials :


I have been using this excellent software millions email generator. It is easy to use and it was exactly what I wanted and needed.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Editor

With millions email generator you will have a complete database ready to start any email marketing campaign.


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Millions Email Generator (MEG) Screen Shots

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Why should you purchase and register Millions Email Generator (MEG) ?

Registered users can enjoy following benefits, which are not available for trial users:

- Save generated emails addresses.

- Free unlimted technical support.

- Free bug fixes.

- No Monthly activation.

- Trial version limitation removed.


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