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FileOff Online Help - Encrypt & Hide Your Private Letters :

This documentation helps to quickly familiarize you with FileOff. It provides an overview of the FileOff functions.

How to Encrypt & Hide & Send Your Private Letters With FileOff ?

  1. Run File Off software and type your secret letter

  2. Set your default password - you can set/change it from options dialog

  3. You can use your default password or type a new password [new password option will not affect your default password]

  4. Select any file from your hard drive (carriers files) to hide your encrypted letter in it

  5. Congratulations! your secret letter has been encrypted and stored in the carrier file [this process will not affect carrier file format]

    Send The Carrier File Now: Click 'Send carrier File To' button , type your user name and password to login into your mail account [default mail server is gmail]

  1. You can set your mail server from 'Options' dialog

  2. Reading Secret Letters:

    From the file menu, click 'Read encrypted Message'

  3. Select the carrier file and enter true password

  4. Congratulations! Your can read the letter now

  5. If you want to delete the letter and clean carrier file click 'Delete' button.

Order FileOff Full Version

Why should you purchase and register FileOff ?

Registered users can enjoy following benefits, which are not available for trial users:

- Encrypt & Hide letters larger than 200 chars.

- Free unlimted technical support.

- Free bug fixes.

- No Monthly activation.

- Trial version limitation removed.


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